Thursday, September 24, 2009

Get up n' get live!

Look who's got a blog! I'll give you a hint, it's no one special and it's me. I love comics, in fact I love comics so much that if you met me you might think that I don't like to read regular books and novels( I most certainly do, but comics are where all my money goes...) Everything I do in life I try to imagine how cool it would be see in a comic like when I'm at work flippin' burgers, workin' out at the gym, walking to the store, and even vacuuming my apartment. Maybe I love comics too much, because comics are almost all I ever talk about to my friends they are probably sick of hearing it, So all my comic interest, theories, concepts, drawings, and fandoms are going into this blog.

I'm currently trying join the army and go to school so I can be a cop, but that doesn't mean that I have put comics on the back burner. Quite the contrary, I need a tight ass job to finance My big time comic dreams, and police work is a great way to get good life experience. I have a lot of respect for police officers, they go through a lot of crap. It's dangerous work, and young people like to treat cops like bad guys. Cops aren't bad guys, they just can't afford to take any chances.

I'm not trying to make all those stories you hear about things like police brutality are ok, or that police brutality is called for and the victims got what they deserve, I'm just that stories of police incompetence and mistreatment of suspects seem to stand out when compared to stories about cops who have done things right are at the very least were acting in a way that their training called for. The streets are unpredictable, sure there are bad cops, but don't that reflect on the others who are just trying to do a job as best they can.

look out for better blog posts in the future...

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