Thursday, March 15, 2012

Haven't Posted here in a while.

I feel bad for neglecting this blog, I've had a whole years worth of development since I last posted. I'm thinking I want tumblr to be my main process blog, but idk yet.

anyway I've been up to some stuff.First on deck, I've been brought on to do concept and possible in game art for an independent game project being developed by a friend of mine. I'd post his blog if I could find in my mess of links, but he doesn't seem to update blogs much as well. The game is planned to be a sidescrolling beat-em-up Final Fight style. It's gonna be wicked old school and totally thugged out.

I'm also Plotting my current comic project, 'Golden Sands.' It's a Toriyama styled fantasy set in the dessert with cool goblin looking dudes in turbans. I almost have the first arc fully written and I'll thumbing the first few chapters over the next few weeks.

That's all I got for now, check back for updates.


  1. I what this, I want this game and your comic, right this second.